Guidance on how to stay safe in or on the water

In the first instance common sense should prevail.

Even experience boaters should consider the handling of each class of vessel before setting out and have considered the following points for basic safety of all on board.

  1. Always wear a lifejacket and insist all passengers and crew do so too
  2. Learn how to swim
  3. Know Your Boat and ensure it is maintained in a seaworthy ‘fit for use’ condition
  4. Take part in a training session or undertake a qualification course
  5. Never set out without checking the weather forecast to cover the entire passage
  6. Ensure you have appropriate navigation equipment on boards
  7. Check tides, currents, depth of water and charts for unknown waters
  8. Always tell someone where you are going and when you plan to arrive or return
  9. Ensure you can communicate with shore or coastguard from the vessel
  10. Always attach the Kill Cord where fitted
  11. Follow the rules of the lake, or river, or sea
  12. Never operate the vessel under the influence of alcohol or drugs