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Cancellation of Insurance
Cancellation information regarding your Nautical Policy
Customers Duty of Care
You must take reasonable care to provide us with honest and accurate information
Definitions of Words and Phrases that are Particular to our Insurances
Our interpretation of specific words and phrases
Fees and Charges
Why we make a charge for our services and how much our charges are
Fraud Prevention and Detection
What we may do if we suspect or identify fraud
Guidance on how to stay safe in or on the water
Common sense and a few additional precautions for you to consider
Kill Cord
What is a Kill Cord and what is it used for; this marine industry guidance explains
Know Your Boat
A form to record a description of your insured items that could help if making a claim
Lithium Ion Batteries
Marine Industry Guidance for Installation of Lithium Ion Batteries
Mooring Types
A brief description of each of the most common mooring arrangements for pleasure craft
Payment for Our Services
Brief details of our Remuneration
Racing Cover
Where we permit you to participate in racing there are 3 levels of cover to consider
Right of Ownership
Owners, Joint owners, mortgagees and financial interest
Surveyors, Surveys, Valuations and Boat Safety Scheme Certificates
General information about reports we may request and why
Type of Cover
Comprehensive Insurance or Third Party Liability Insurance; what cover do you get
Watercraft Legal Protection
An optional legal protection policy for eligible customers, which runs in conjunction with the Nautical boat insurance. This cover is arranged with a separate Insurer. In the event of a claim against the Legal Protection Policy, the owner/insured person(s) will deal directly with the legal protection claims handlers.
Suggestions and guidelines on how to protect your vessel based on our own experiences

We are not licensed to offer consumer credit and do not offer instalment facilities. Payment of the premium must be in full. We accept payment by cheque, credit/debit card or direct credit to our bank account prior to any insurance being placed or renewed. Bank charges and transfer fees must be collected by the payee. Our Barclays bank account details are:

Account No. 30659460 | Sort Code: 20 29 86 | Account: Nautical Insurance Services Limited

Cooling off period

If you change your mind about an insurance or subsequent renewal of insurance you should ask us or your insurance agent to cancel within the first 14 days from the date that cover began, or within 14 days of the renewal date. We will cancel the cover from the start date as if it has never been in place and refund any premium paid in full.

Cancellation at any other time

Should the vessel be sold or ownership transferred you must notify us or your insurance agent without delay.

We will calculate any return of premium from the date of the formal Bill of Sale or the date we receive notification from you or our insurance agent.

In respect of a jointly owned vessel, confirmation of the sale or transfer of ownership will be required from all parties.

Return of premium

You will be entitled to a pro rata daily return of premium calculated on the annual premium charged after deduction of any no claims bonus entitlement. We will refund the unused proportion of the premium and insurance tax but we will retain a cancellation fee.

You or we may cancel the policy at any other time subject to us both having to give each other 30 days' notice or by mutual agreement. Any return of premium will be calculated as if the vessel had been sold and subject to a cancellation fee.

Your insurance agent may also charge a fee for their services.

Applying fees

Cooling off period: We will refund the premium you paid in full.

Sale of vessel: We will refund the unused proportion of the premium and insurance tax but we will retain a cancellation fee of £25.

Cancellation at any other time: Any return of premium will be calculated as if the vessel has been sold and subject to a cancellation fee of £25.

Full details of our Fees and Charges and cancellation procedures are explained within the Customer Information pages and are also detailed within our Terms of Business.

We DO NOT automatically renew insurances. Renewal will be by written invitation which will confirm the information on which your current insurance is based and will include a breakdown of the annual premium for the forthcoming year.

The invitation will be issued approximately one month prior to renewal to allow you sufficient time to check the details remain correct and appropriate into the next year. If there are any changes to be made by us we will include details of the specific changes within the invitation.

If the details of the invitation are not correct or you would like to make changes please notify us without delay in order that we may consider your new requirements and provide you with an updated invitation where agreed.

Cover cannot be backdated in any circumstances. Only payments received prior to expiry of the existing policy will guarantee there is no break in cover.

Policyholders will be sent a renewal invitation by post (or email where requested) approximately one month prior to renewal. When we have received the premium, which may be paid by cheque, by bank transfer or by telephone with a credit/debit card we will issue new documents by post or email where previously requested.

In all cases cover cannot be backdated and the premium must be received in full by the renewal date for insurance to be continuous. Reinstatement of cover is subject to our prior agreement and your acceptance of any changes to the terms that may be necessary for us to apply.

Do I have to insure my boat?

No, boat insurance is not a legal requirement in the UK but depending on where your boat is moored and your cruising area you may be required to have legal liability insurance to cover any damage you cause to a third party and/or their property. Third party insurance is compulsory at most marinas, purpose built harbours and for recognised moorings or anchorages. The Canal River Trust and most private inland water navigation authorities will require you to hold a licence issued by them. To obtain the licence you are required to hold and provide proof of a minimum of £2million third party liability insurance.

Can I insure a boat that I don’t own?

No, you have to have a financial interest in a boat to be able to insure it. Financial interest is either where you own or have part ownership of a boat.

Should all persons with a financial interest be noted on the insurance policy?

Yes, where a boat is jointly owned, whether in equal or unequal shares, all parties should be noted on the insurance policy. This is also relevant for the joint ownership of a spouse or partner as it may avoid disputes in the case of death, relationship breakdown or sale of the boat.

How is my insurance premium calculated?

We ask you to provide us with details about yourself and your boat either by completing an on-line proposal or a similar hard copy proposal form. We consider the age, experience and boating claims history of the proposer in conjunction with the vessel type, length, speed, age, value, intended use and mooring type and location. Increased premiums are usually as a result of requests for extra cover such as single handed sailing, racing, water-skiing, towing of toys and any other specific requirements.

Why is there a £25 administration fee?

Administration fees cover the supply of policy booklets, policy certificates, endorsements, re-issued documents, renewal invitations and all postage costs incurred. Changes to policyholder’s personal details are regularly changed and documents re-issued without charge.

We may also from time to time be required to issue additional information or documentation following legal or regulatory changes affecting your insurance or relationship with us. In addition, the Insurer requires us to retain and store your file for a minimum of 7 years in a secure location in line with Data Protection laws.

How do I determine the value of my boat?

The value of your boat is either the price you paid for it or any other value we agree.

What is agreed value?

Agreed value is the purchase price or the value provided to us in a formal valuation signed either on behalf of a recognised boatyard, boat brokerage or by a qualified independent marine surveyor who is a member of any one or more of the following professional bodies:

  • Royal Institute of Naval Architects (RINA)
  • Institute International Marine Surveyors (IIMS)
  • Yacht Designers and Surveyors Association (YDSA)

Can I arrange short term insurance?

All insurances arranged through us and most other firms are for a 12 month period even if you do not use the boat all year round.

How do I put insurance in place?

If you are arranging insurance through our website the cover can begin as soon as you have paid the premium in full. If you are arranging insurance with a member of our quotation team by email or telephone, we will grant 14 days cover on receipt of the premium to allow you time to complete and return our proposal form and any other information that annual insurance may be dependent on.

How can I pay for my insurance?

You may provide us with credit or debit card details over the telephone or you may pay by direct bank credit or transfer into our account or by cheque/bankers draft. Please include your quote, cover note or certificate number as reference for any payments to us.

Is it possible to spread the cost of the premium by paying in instalments?

No, we do not offer any form of credit facilities. The premium is required in full from the inception of cover and / or prior to the renewal date.

When will I receive a policy number and Schedule of Insurance?

The policy number and Schedule will not be generated until you have paid the premium in full and returned a satisfactorily completed proposal form together with any other requested information or documentation requested by our underwriters.

Can I take over the previous owners insurance?

No, each insurance is arranged on an individual basis and therefore cannot be transferred.

If I sell my boat can the new owner take over my insurance?

No, your policy is non-transferrable. Upon the sale of your boat the policy would have to be formally cancelled and insurers would be notified. This protects you against any third party claims that may be presented to us up to three years after the event.

Am I entitled to a refund of premium when my boat is sold?

Yes, you are entitled to a refund of the un-used proportion of the annual premium. Any return of premium is calculated on a daily pro-rata basis and refunded with any applicable tax less our cancellation fee. We would be happy to provide a quotation for the new owner if asked.

Why is there a cancellation fee?

When a policy is cancelled we are responsible for ensuring your Insurer is informed and are required to provide them with a closing of the account submitted in the form of a bordereau statement. This is to protect your position in respect of third party claims. A formal endorsement is issued to you for your confirmation. We also have to claim the unused proportion of the premium back from the underwriters to be able to make a refund to you and we have to return to the underwriters the proportionate value of commission that we earned on the full annual premium.

Will any other fees or charges apply?

See Fees and Charges within the Customer Information pages.

Can I have more than one boat on a policy?

It is ok to have the main vessel and her tender insured under the same policy. This is also the case for outboard motors, trailers, navigation equipment and personal effects all used in conjunction with the main vessel. Second vessels used independently will need an individual policy.

Can anyone use my boat?

Yes, providing it is with your prior permission and you believe they are competent to do so. Any user must be over the age of 18 or should qualify within any specific age requirements noted on your specific schedule and must be able to meet any conditions applied to your policy.

Do I have to let you know if I can’t get my boat ashore by the due date?

Yes, this would be a change to your insurance cover and requires our prior agreement. If you proceed and do not tell us you will not be covered for any claims presented during the period your boat remains in the water.

Can I put my boat back in the water before the end of the laid-up period stated on my Schedule?

No, this would be a change to your insurance cover and requires our agreement to adjust your policy. If you do and do not tell us you will not be covered for any claims presented from that time to the end of the laid-up period.

Do I have to tell you if I have changed my mooring?

Yes, this would be a change to your insurance cover and requires our agreement to adjust your policy. This requirement would also apply to the location and type of mooring and you should tell us before you make the change. If you do not have our prior agreement your cover may be affected and claims may not be considered.

When will I need a survey?

We and Insurers review our underwriting philosophy on the vessel age requirement on an annual basis considering claims statistics and market precedents, however we will always give you 12 months’ advance notice unless the requirement follows a claim for damage to the vessel. The notice period in such circumstances will be considered on an individual basis.

Is my vessel covered whilst being towed?

Your vessel is covered for road transit, as long as it is less than 30 feet in length, within the cruising limits shown on your Policy. Your Boat Insurance covers physical damage to the vessel and trailer although there is no cover for physical loss or damage to the trailer wheels and tyres however caused, but we do not cover your Legal Liabilities to any Third Party. Your Liabilities fall to your Motor Insurer so you must inform your Motor Insurer and obtain their agreement if you intend to tow your vessel.

What is the difference between legal liability and public liability?

Legal liability is provided to cover the Insured and any person in control of the vessel with your prior permission for bodily injury, property damage, medical expenses or pollution clean-up costs. Public liability protects the Insured and their Spouse/Partner and children from financial losses due to injury to a member of the public on your boat because of negligence.

If I was to change the permanent mooring location of my boat would I need to advise you?

Yes you would need to advise us of the change and you should do so prior to moving your boat to the new permanent mooring location.

Is my vessel covered whilst being lifted in and out of water?

Yes you are covered for loss of or damage to vessel whilst being lifted, hauled out or launched.

How often does my rigging need to be replaced?

We do not stipulate how often the rigging should be replaced; however there is a condition within the Policy which states that you must maintain the vessel and its equipment in a seaworthy condition. If in doubt a rigging company can carry out an inspection and advise you accordingly. A qualified surveyor’s rule of thumb is every ten years.


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