Racing Cover

Racing: Any organised competitive events with a designated start and finish; speed tests or connected trials.

Racing Conditions: The vessel is deemed to be under racing conditions from the time of the 10 minute starters warning signal until 10 minutes after the time logged by the race organisers when the vessel passes through the finish line.

There are three types of cover you can have for racing.

Legal Liabilities Only

If whilst racing, you are involved and at fault in an incident which causes damage to someone else’ vessel or injury to another person, this insurance will provide cover for your liabilities up to the amount shown on the Schedule. Our policies will normally provide £5 million Legal Liability cover. You will have to pay us the policy excess shown on the certificate for Section B Legal Liabilities.

Hull and Legal Liabilities

In addition to the Legal Liability cover explained above, we will include cover for damage to your vessel. If we pay you for damage to your vessel and compensate a third party for your Legal Liabilities, you will have to pay us the policy excess shown on the Schedule for Section A Hull and Machinery. You will not have to pay an excess under more than one section of the policy.

Racing Risks

This is an extension of cover agreed only by endorsement to the Hull and Legal Liabilities Racing Cover specifically for loss or damage to the Mast, Spars, Sails and Rigging (MSSR) whilst the vessel is under Racing Conditions. An additional or increased premium will apply. The premium we charge will be based upon the value of your MSSR. We will discuss and agree with you a replacement value for your MSSR before we charge you for this cover. This will be specified on the Schedule where Endorsement A Racing Risk Clause is Included. We will pay for the full cost of repair or replacement of MSSR, including sails carried whether set or not, less a deduction for each year of age up to a maximum of 50%.

The policy excess as shown under Section A in the documentation will apply to each and every occurrence or incident.