Making a Claim

We understand that when making a claim the whole experience can be very traumatic and overwhelming. The following guidance is intended to let you know what is expected of you following an incident which may give rise to a claim. We hope that by providing this guidance and by letting you know in advance what information we will need we can help to make any such unfortunate incident less distressing for you to deal with.

What you should do first

Following an incident which may give rise to a claim under any section of the insurance you should respond as if you are uninsured and act without delay to protect, avert or minimise your loss.

This may include:

  • Making arrangements as soon as reasonably possible to have your vessel lifted out of the water following sinking or partial sinking
  • Making the vessel watertight and weatherproof following damage
  • Securing access to the vessel following a break-in
  • Report the theft, attempted theft or malicious damage to the police and obtain a crime reference number
  • Immediate first aid preventative action to the engines (inboard/outboard) by flushing through in accordance with manufacturers guidelines

We must bring to your attention that until such time as we have received all the information we require to consider the full details of the claim, any costs incurred in minimising the loss or damage will be for your own account, which following our conclusion of the claim may not be recoverable under this insurance.

To make a claim simply download our claim form, or call us.

Download Claim Form Call 01702 470 811

What you should do next:

Notify us of the incident promptly. It is important that you tell us everything you know about the incident even if you are unsure whether it may be relevant as this may become important at a later stage during the course of our enquiries.

We will always ask for the following information:

  • Your name, address, daytime telephone number and email address
  • Policy number
  • The date and time of the incident
  • How and where the incident took place
  • Where and when did you last see your vessel intact prior to the incident?
  • Telephone numbers and contact details of any person(s) who can provide additional information concerning the loss or damage which may include statements from crew members, the Harbour Master or independent witnesses
  • Photographic evidence

You will be asked to submit a fully completed claim form and to provide us with two estimates of repair together with photographs showing the damage sustained to your vessel and/or insured property. For theft claims, we may ask for original invoices, purchase receipts and or photographic proof of ownership dependent on the type of loss.

Please understand a repair contract is between you and the repairer/contractor and all instructions must come from you once you have received our written acceptance.

To make a claim simply download our claim form, or call us.

Download Claim Form Call 01702 470 811

Third Party Claims

If you are involved in any incident which involves another vessel or other person(s) it is important you are aware of the following:

What we ask of you:

  • Do not admit liability or indicate any responsibility
  • Inform us of the details of the incident as soon as you can
  • Obtain details of the third party boat, name of third party boat owner and or name of person in control of the third party boat at the time of the incident
  • For racing incidents, details of the third party boat should also include class and the name of the race. You must obtain a copy of the protest meeting if such was held and provide sketches of each vessel involved showing location of vessel(s) prior to impact, at impact and after impact including location of buoys if applicable
  • Name of Third Party Insurers
  • If you feel that the other person(s) is responsible for the incident you should write immediately to the third party holding them liable
  • You must also send a copy of the letter and any response, unanswered, to us without delay
  • If you receive any correspondence from a third party or their insurer holding you liable you must forward this promptly, unanswered to us.

To make a claim simply download our claim form, or call us.

Download Claim Form Call 01702 470 811

Personal Accident Claims

What you should do:

  • Place yourself or any insured person on board under the care of a qualified medical practitioner as soon as possible
  • Inform us if the insured person is hospitalised outside the United Kingdom
  • Inform us of the details of the accident
  • Forward all medical bills and prescription details to us

To make a claim simply download our claim form, or call us.

Download Claim Form Call 01702 470 811

There are times when we appreciate that you may not be able to inform us of the details of the incident immediately. We ask that every attempt is made to put us on notice as promptly as possible. In circumstances where you are unable to contact us yourself without undue delay, we will take essential information from your representative and provide advice to them but we will not be able to discuss the terms of insurance or claims outcome with them unless we have your prior written approval or some other documentary evidence to confirm your circumstances.